Spread your payments into 4 installments

Say hello to flexible payments 👋🏼
Spread the cost of anything into 4 interest-free installments!

Shop anywhere, online or in-store

Your Carbon debit card lets you make your Carbon Zero transactions online or in-person at your favorite stores.

Bring your wish list to life in 4 interest-free payments

Carbon Zero is perfect for when you don’t have the entire cash upfront. Pay a part of the cost at the point of purchase and then the rest over six weeks

Know how much you can spend, and get your item immediately

We let you know what you've been pre-approved for before you make a purchase. You don't have to wait for weeks or months to get what you are paying for!

Pay for just about anything, interest-free

Whether you’re getting that new dress, a shiny new device, or want to go on a long overdue vacation with you and your loved ones, Carbon Zero gives you the flexibility to pay for diverse products and services at no extra cost

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Getting started with Carbon Zero

Paying online


Log into the Carbon app and select Carbon Zero


On the Zero home screen select 'Fund a purchase'


Enter product type and price, then choose online as your payment channel


Make a 25% initial down payment


Enter your card details online just like you do normally, we'll handle the rest

Paying in-store


Log into the Carbon app and select Carbon Zero


On the Zero home page select 'Fund a purchase'


Enter product amount


Make a 25% initial down payment


When asked for account type, choose 'Current' and let us take care of the rest

Shop Better. Bank Better

Get a bank account that’s focused on giving you a better financial life — including shopping for items in installment, at 0% interest.

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What is Carbon Zero?

Carbon Zero is a buy-now-pay-later product that lets you pay for items and experiences over 4 equal installments at a ‘zero’ interest rate. You can split anything from a phone payment to a vacation package.

Do I have to pay any interest?

You don’t pay any interest! We wouldn’t be Carbon Zero now if we made you do that would we?

Do I have to pay an initial installment?

Yes, you would need to pay 25% of the price of the item upfront. The rest is spread over 6 weeks.

Are there any hidden fees?

We give you full transparency when you Pay with Carbon Zero. You get a view of any costs before you proceed.

How do I pay with zero?

Go to the Zero page on the Carbon app, select ‘Fund a Purchase’, fill in purchase details, select your repayment plan and complete the transaction. After that, pay with your Cabron debit card at the merchant store (either physical or online).

Is Carbon Zero in-app available for existing Carbon customers only

Yes. Carbon Zero is available to Carbon account holders who have successfully upgraded their account to a minimum of KYC level 2.

What is a pre-approved limit?

Every Carbon user eligible for Cabron Zero is given a pre-approved limit. This amount is how much you can spend using Carbon Zero. The amount is not the same for everyone as it changes based on a variety of factors such as how long you’ve been with Carbon and your payment history while using Carbon Zero.

How do I get a higher pre-approved limit?

You can increase your pre-approved limit by completing purchases over time. This will gradually improve your limit as you continue to finish those plans with a healthy repayment history. A few other things that could help you get a higher pre-approved limit are (i) how active your Carbon account is and (ii) Your savings history with Carbon.

Do I need to be a salary earner?

Nope! Carbon Zero is open to everyone who has a steady, verifiable flow of income in their bank accounts

A digital bank made just for you

Open a new Carbon bank account from your phone or computer and follow the simple on-screen steps to register for an account in minutes.